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Hi there! We are ZIZO, a creative production company based in Japan.



Here is an overview about some of the projects we have worked on recently

Mickey's Birthday Trip Around the World 2016 | Happy Birthday Mickey

Client The Walt Disney Company
Production Picrow(U.S.A.)
Description Movie featuring Mickey Mouse celebrated his birthday with a trip dancing with people around the world. We provided production support for the shooting in Kyoto. The crew of about 20 members had a great experience interacting with locals and carrying out a successful shoot in the ancient capital.
Previous Arrangements: Location selection and proposal, scouting, filming schedule planning, filming permits acquisition, casting negotiation, transportation, equipment and gadgets.
Shooting: Location Management, translation, Extra Releases etc.

We have a team of 17 directors/coordinators

ZIZO's offices are located in Tokyo, the capital of Japan, and in Osaka, the most important city in Western Japan. Every day we are involved in web development and advertising. Our 17 coordinators will fully support you on your filming project in Japan.

  • CEO/Coordinator Nakashima Munenori

    Managing Director of the Creative Production ZIZO. With wide experience in Media Production and a great talent for languages, he is actively involved in the internationalization of the company.

  • CoordinatorMio Ishihara

    Our intrepid Creative Director. Involved in prestigious Japanese Travel Magazines Projects, she covers the whole country to gather the best first-hand information.

  • CoordinatorDaisuke Yoshioka

    ZIZO's Owned Media Director, with broad experience as an expert editor for top men's fashion and lifestyle magazines.

  • CoordinatorCristian Jover Costa

    Member of ZIZO Spain, highly involved in trade and writing projects.
    Apart from Spanish, fluent in English and Japanese.

Full support to make your filming in Japan go as smoothly as possible, even before coming to Japan in the days running up to shooting.

Worldwide producers! Isn't it hard to film and report in Japan!? We provide you the necessary support so that your shooting goes perfectly.

  • I want to research about trends in Japan
  • I want you to do location hunting and send me the pictures.
  • I want to get shooting permits for my location.
  1. 01 Research

    "What are the trends in Japan?" "I want to find stunning spots that are not in the guides". We carry out proper research to address these issues for you.

  2. 02 Location Hunting

    If you tell us your preferences for your filming situation we will search for the most appropriate location. Since we will send you the pictures, you can give yourself an idea of the project before you come to Japan.

  3. 03 Interpreter Arrangement

    When reporting in Japan or negotiating with Japanese people it is crucial to have an interpreter. We will assign you an interpreter based in Japan.

  4. 04 Means of transport

    When travelling with your film crew, a car is a must. We also provide you with off-road vehicles for mountainous or rough roads to travel smoothly to your location spot. We provide you as well with minibuses for trips with more than 20 people.

  5. 05 Staff/Models

    "I want to work with Japanese models, or hire local cameramen, hair and makeup staff members" There is no need to worry, leave it to our professional connections!

  6. 06 Shooting permit request/
    Studio arangements

    "I want to shoot at an ancient temple in Kyoto" "I want to cover a popular confectionery shop" "I want to film in a Japanese refined house" Getting shooting permits is our forté.

  7. 07 Guide to the location/
    Support on the site

    You will travel along with our Japanese staff the filming days, making sure not only a smooth guiding to the location, but providing you with full support in case something unexpected happens.

From the main cities to the most remote areas of Japan, we cover the whole country.

Our specialty areas are major cities that gather the main attractions in Japan like Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto or Nagoya. Of course we can deal with projects all over the country without any problem, from Hokkaido in the north, all the way down to Okinawa.

  • tokyo

    Tokyo,the focus of Otaku Culture, Anime, Manga, Video Game Industry and Maid Cafés, widely known all over the world for its "Moe" concept. In Tokyo, Cosplay is extremely popular as well, so if you are around Shibuya Main Street on Halloween, you will definitely find large groups of Cosplayers.

  • osaka

    Osaka, where being "funny" is better than being "cool". In Osaka, the home of the best comedians in Japan, children are born blessed with the gift of humour. There are also rumours that its people are constatly eating ball-shaped octopus coated in wheat flour called "Takoyaki". It is said that the percentages of households in Osaka owning a takoyaki pan exceeds 100%.

  • kyoto

    Kyoto, a city that was long the capital of the Empire, until Tokyo emerged as the new capital 150 years ago. The truth is that there are still many people in the city who think that Kyoto is still the capital of Japan. Kyoto, still a tradtional city, is a World Heritage site, and a veritable treasure trove of temples and shrines, so you will not be lacking of stunning filming locations. However, there are cases where getting shooting permits can be extremely difficult. In those cases, ZIZO will take care of everything!

  • nagoya

    Nagoya, a city with exquisite cuisine. Its specialty is "Tebasaki": crispy chicken wings and its spicy "Taiwan Ramen" with a lot of garlic and chili pepper packs quite a punch!. Every day people from Nagoya watch holding their breath if local baseball team Chunichi Dragons mascot "DOALA" can successfully perform his back flips without making a fool of himself.

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